XT5 vs. SRX


It's important to know the difference between your luxury car. Read the comparison between the Cadillac XT5 and the Cadillac SRX. With the release of the updated Cadillac Crossover SUV, you may be wondering if it's better worth the money-the retired Cadillac SRX or the new Cadillac XT5. Is there anything more than it looks?

Appearance is important to some extent, but other factors are also important. The 2017 Cadillac XT5 has been completely rebuilt while retaining some of the SRX's personality. Reviewers are looking at the XT5's completely different driving feel, while the cabin's overall feel has changed.

Analyze the aesthetics and the main differences to determine which vehicle is right for you. Is the XT5 worth the additional investment?


Some of us are used to the distinctive shape and styling of the Cadillac SUV range. When the XT5 was released, people had mixed reactions to its new look. It took some getting used to, as sharp edges have been replaced with rounded accents. By the way, if something happens and you can’t pay for your car repairs, try repair financing for your vehicle. Contact us for more.

Cadillac's iconic "Crown" is missing. Now the logo is bigger and bolder. Baked goods are more present than ever. The most unexpected change is the headlights. They're smaller but take up more room when they hit the fenders.

XT5 is more futuristic. It can be seen that Cadillac wants to capture a larger share of the luxury SUV market. Look at these comparison photos of the XT5 and SRX to appreciate their similarities and differences.


The luxury SUV industry's dirty secret is to keep things affordable, and many things become "hidden" luxuries. But as soon as you step into the Cadillac XT5, you see a lot of leather. Like the leather on the dashboard, doors, center column, steering wheel, seats, and gear lever.

This leather is completely hand-stitched and skillfully glued. While the SRX uses only leather inserts on the top of the doors and dashboard, everything feels premium in the XT5. It's a completely different and upscale environment.

Also, the cabin has a completely different sound in the XT5. It's surprisingly quiet compared to other SUVs. It even beats some of the more expensive SUVs from BMW and Mercedes.

The difference in handling is noticeable between the Cadillac SRX and XT5. You'll get a larger cargo compartment below the dashboard, two more cubic feet in the cargo space, and more rear legroom. Cleaning these spacious SUVs is easy and is ideal for those who prefer to do it themselves rather than paying extra at the retail store.


Both models have the same 3.6-liter V6 engine, producing between 308 and 310 hp, compared to other models of the same year. The difference is that the XT5 has better fuel economy and engine efficiency. This translates into better engine life and maintenance savings. The XT5 rating puts it at 19 MPG in the city and 27 on the highway. The Cadillac SRX has dimensions of 17 and 24 mpg, respectively. Although the XT5 looks bigger than its predecessor, it weighs 300 pounds more. This is the main reason for its greater energy efficiency.

And a final thought: the XT5 is not as light as other luxury SUV brands, like BMW or Mercedes.