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Volkswagen Routan – One Hit Wonder

Volkswagen Routan – 2009-14 Volkswagen Routan History Volkswagen won’t be sticking a VW emblem on the next generation Chrysler Town and Country minivan and calling it a Routan. Although it may have seemed like the Routan died a few years ago Volkswagen is officially ending production of the minivan this year.  Relegated to fleet-only status for 2014 the Routan will go quietly into the night while reminiscing about all the fun it had with Brook Shields as she tried to sell German Engineering in a Chrysler shell. There’s no word on whether VW will be offering another minivan in North America but chances are slim considering the recent announcement of a new seven-seater SUV based on the CrossBlue concept. With only five years in existence and no changes the Volkswagen Routan bids farewell as a One Hit Wonder that very few wondered...

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Volkswagen Eos – One Hit Wonder

Volkswagen Eos – 2012-2015 Volkswagen Eos – 2007-11 Volkswagen Eos History The Volkswagen Eos will become a One Hit Wonder when it’s discontinued after 2015. The two-door hard-top convertible was introduced as a 2007 model replacing the dated Golf Cabriolet. Once the Eos is retired Volkswagen will have the Beetle as the only convertible in its lineup. Although that’s one more drop-top than most car brands Volkswagen almost always had two. Perhaps the departure of the Eos is a sign that the German automaker is bringing the Golf Cabrio to North America since the GTI Cabrio has been available in Europe since 2013. In its seven year run the Volkswagen Eos has had only one facelift in 2012 to keep on par with VW’s brand identity. The Bubbly lights and fascia were redesigned to a straighter, more sophisticated look. With only one facelift throughout its lifespan, the Volkswagen Eos goes down in history as a One Hit...

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