Chevrolet SSR – 2003-2006 – Discontinued

Chevrolet SSR History

The Chevrolet SSR (Super Sport Roadster) debuted in 2003, three years after the concept was revealed to great enthusiasm. This retro-inspired, muscle car, roadster convertible, pickup truck is a combination of all things cool on the exterior as if to try covering up for the flaws on the inside. From an outrageous price tag, to lackluster power, to wheelbarrow handling, the SSR is perfectly suitable for a Sunday cruise along the boulevard. But most owners are totally okay with that.

The love-it or hate-it design is unique even to this day and has collectible car written all over it. Something Chevrolet was anticipating considering 38 of the nearly 24,200 models produced were not available to the public.

After three years in production the Chevrolet SSR was retired at the end of 2006. Without the slightest facelift the Super Sport Roadster qualifies as our One Hit Wonder.