Chrysler 200 Convertible – 2011-2014
10-chrysler-200-convertibleChrysler Sebring (Predecessor) – 2007-10

Chrysler 200 Convertible History

When Chrysler introduced the completely redesigned Chrysler 200 our first question, after gawking at the beautiful sedan was, will it be offered as a convertible? Having been one of a few full sized convertibles left on the battlefield our hearts wanted one badly, but our minds new the convertible landscape has changed and the 200 would no longer be able to drop its top. After 20 years of fun in the sun, Chrysler has decided not to renew the convertible version of arguably the best-looking Chrysler 200 to date. As we bid farewell there will always be room in our hearts for a drop top, and if the 200 does well perhaps Chrysler will change their minds and bring back the convertible. Here’s hoping.