Chrysler 300 – 2015-Present
2017-chrysler-300Chrysler 300 – 2011-2014
11-chrysler-300Chrysler 300 – 2006-10
06-10-chrysler-300Chrysler 300 – 2005

Chrysler 300 History

The first Chrysler 300 went on sale in 1955 as a two-door hardtop. The number 300 signified the amount of horsepower under the hood. This model lasted seven generations until 1971, resurfacing again in 1979 before going into hibernation for 20 years. The ninth generation Chrysler 300M existed for five years before the current version was introduced. The 2005 Chrysler 300 took the car world by storm, appealing to the masses from celebrities and rappers, to family men and businessmen alike. The design was like no other at the time and will most certainly become a classic among enthusiasts.