Chrysler PT Cruiser – 2006-10 – Discontinued
06-10-chrysler-pt-cruiserChrysler PT Cruiser – 2000-05

Chrysler PT Cruiser History

Although the Chrysler PT Cruiser was around for 10 years beginning in 2000 it never received a major redesign. Hence, being a One Hit Wonder. It was refreshed for the 2006 model year with new headlight design and a smaller grill. The rear design stayed relatively the same. Considering over one million PT Cruisers were sold it’s no surprise that Chrysler didn’t want to mess with its retro-style design. The car’s street rod looks of the 1930s were a hit with owners who organized country-wide meetups to share and spread the Cruiser love. Being offered in several special editions, and having an endless amount of aftermarket accessories there were rarely two similar-looking PT Cruisers at one event.

The PT Cruiser’s run came to an end in 2010 as part of the company’s restructuring efforts. Deciding not to replace the five-door hatch with a new model seems appropriate considering it would be impossible to match the success and following that the PT Cruiser had.