Ford Taurus – 2013-Present
2013 ford taurus2010-2012
2010 ford taurus2008-09 (Based on Ford Five Hundred)
2008 ford taurus2005-2007 (Ford Five Hundred)
2005 ford five hundred2000-06
2000 ford taurus1996-99
1996 ford taurus1992-95
1992 ford taurus1986-91
1986 ford taurus

Ford Taurus History

The Taurus nameplate dates back to 1986 when it was one of the popular sedans on the market. Over the years Ford took chances in the design department, some of which didn’t fare well. Around 2005 the Taurus had an identity crisis when the automaker decided to bring back the Five Hundred nameplate. What was supposed to be an improvement over the Taurus turned out to be a dud for the brand and not even the nostalgia of the name could keep this sedan alive. The Five Hundred was retired after just two years on the road, and the Taurus was back inn 2008.

As the Taurus grew and more models were introduced under it, Focus, Fusion, the Taurus was pushed to the sidelines letting the smaller cars live in the glory.