Hyundai Santa Fe – 2013-Present

Hyundai Santa Fe History

When Hyundai Santa Fe debuted in 2001 it was the brand’s first foray into the SUV market. Thanks to versatility and affordability the Santa Fe was an instant hit despite its awkward appearance. The first-gen SUV was so popular that Hyundai couldn’t keep up with the demand. It received several facelifts and tweaks in response to buyers’ concerns and suggestions.

After six years on the market Hyundai introduced a larger, second generation Santa Fe in 2007. This time around the design was more contemporary. In its five year-reign in received only minor exterior redesigns before being replaced with the third generation Santa Fe in 2013.

The 2013┬áSanta Fe included Hyundai’s new hexagonal grille now seen on most of Hyundai’s models. Soft lines, curved edges, and rounded design have been replaced with sharp lines and curves to give the third-gen SUV a more aggressive stance. It is available in two styles: a five-seater or a larger, seven-seater with an extended rear end.