Lincoln Continental grill vs Kia Sorento grill
2016 lincoln continental concept

As soon as the 2016 Lincoln Continental Concept showed its face online people have been comparing it to brands like Audi, Maserati, Jaguar, and Bentley. This may be a compliment to Lincoln as they want to be known for building luxury cars. But the one comparison that stood out was that to Kia K9000. This may be or may not be a compliment to Kia. Either way, the Continental’s grill does look a lot like a Kia, although it resembles the Sorento’s grill more than K9000’s.

Any comparison is disappointing, especially to a concept vehicle, which is intended to show the future of the brand. So when a concept like the Continental shows up with a grill from Kia, the car lover in all of us dies a little on the inside. Why not keep the current ‘mustache’ grill that was getting better with every redesign? Has it ever been compared to other grills? Not that we know of.