At present, cars are no longer considered luxury items since they are purchased and used by a large number of people, allowing the movement between locations to be safe and fast. It's a cliché to start an article, but that's the reality.

Given the investment made in the purchase of these cars, it would be good to know what we can do to increase their lifespan and to keep them in the best possible conditions for as long as possible.

Types of Cars by Their Prices - Examples

It is almost impossible to classify exactly all cars by price but also by maintenance. All I can do is give some examples to see which ones are more expensive or cheaper. The price of maintenance also varies.

Cheap Car Models

Nisan Micra

Kia Picanto




Medium-priced Car Models




Expensive Car Models

Range Rover



Check the top of the most expensive car here.

As you see, the cheaper the car, the cheaper is the maintenance. To prove that, let’s dive deeper into some maintenance aspects. I tried to ease the article and merge the tips and tricks with some basic information about car price categories.

Ways to extend the life of the car

Frequent oil change

The oil is essential for the proper operation of the engine, therefore it needs to be replaced periodically. Most cars today require an oil change every 10,000 to 20,000 km, while others may require more frequent replacement (sports cars, revs). It is best to follow a specific car maintenance schedule to find out how often you need to replace the oil. The frequent oil change is not a job that is difficult to do at home if you have a minimum of mechanical knowledge. But the price of oil varies by car engine and its preferences.

The appearance of strange noises

Try to be careful and find out if there are any noises that you have never heard before while running. For example, a click sound may indicate that you have a nail in your tires. A scraping sound when the brakes are applied may indicate that there is contact between two metal surfaces due to the blunting of the brake pads.

If you fail to realize the source of the noise but also the cause that determined its appearance, it is good to contact a specialized service to solve the problem as soon as possible. This issue probably doesn’t depend on the car price but however, take care of your engine to avoid expensive consultation.

Ventilation of cooling systems

The operating temperature of the engine is regulated by means of a cooling system. This cooling system uses a special liquid. You must make sure that this liquid used in the cooling system is not contaminated with impurities. The way you can make sure of this is to periodically vent the cooling system.

Drive carefully

It is your duty to drive carefully so as to ensure the longest possible life of the car. You can do this if you are careful not to change gears when you should not, but also to avoid accelerating too fast. Avoid overheating the engine as much as possible, running out of fuel, and avoid potholes and bumps that can affect your suspension system and steering system.

Air filter replacement

The air filter plays a very important role in the correct operation of your car. Failure to replace it in time can lead to increased fuel consumption. More modern cars are equipped with an indoor air filter, a filter that can become clogged due to the accumulation of residues. Be sure to change the air filter periodically to prevent this type of problem from occurring.