Mini Cooper Coupe – 2012-2015
2015 mini cooper coupe

Mini Cooper Coupe History

As if the Mini Cooper wasn’t sporty enough and more fun to drive than other small compact cars the automaker turned up the excitement in the form of a smaller, two-seat Coupe, and Roadster. In terms of driving experience and fun factor the Mini Coupe worked as it was even better than the Cooper. However, the awkward design of the roof line and the lack of functionality, coupled with the fact that it was almost a direct competitor to the Mini Cooper the two-door go-kart didn’t jive with Mini enthusiasts. For those who wanted a sporty, fun to drive car opted for the more functional Cooper as it still provided more excitement than most other brands out there. Both the Coupe and Roadster have been discontinued, and although no replacement has been announced rumors of a sports car have already surfaced.