Mitsubishi teaser image vs XR-PHEV Crossover Concept
mitsubishi xr-phev

mitsubishi xr-phevDoes Mitsubishi need some attention? It sure does. Should they be taking desperate measures to garner it? Considering that they’ve already unveiled the XR-PHEV crossover concept the right word should be momentum. Mitsubishi should be taking advantage of the momentum they’ve created with this aggressively-styled concept. Instead, they’re making it seem like the car doesn’t exist.

Apparently, the automaker either doesn’t think the crossover concept got enough attention, or hopes we forgot about it because the teaser images of a ‘new’ concept look almost identical to the XR-PHEV. And they’re making us wait until Geneva to see it. Is Mitsubishi trying to pull a fast one on us or is this ‘new’ car significantly different? Side by side comparisons lean toward the former. There are more effective ways of creating hype for a concept than leaking teaser images of a car we’ve already seen. Regardless, it got our attention. And almost every car website has the teaser images on their front page.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing the concept again, but I don’t appreciate being taken for a fool. Let’s hope Mitsubishi cleans up their act and takes this concept into production sooner rather than later.