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Nissan Xterra History

The Nissan Xterra enjoyed a good life from the time it debuted in 2000. It was a smaller version of the Nissan Pathfinder, yet just as versatile. Features such as a raised roofline, and humpback tailgate made the Xterra unique that looked  like a truly off-road vehicle. The SUV’s downfall began in 2003 when the Nissan Murano was introduced and thrust into instant popularity. The Xterra held its own until 2008 when it was blindsided by the Nissan Rogue, which basically took its place in the compact SUV segment. The demise was inevitable when the Rogue was redesigned into a larger crossover, but the outgoing model was retained and renamed Rogue Select in 2014. Nissan decided to discontinue the Xterra after 2015, as it doesn’t fit into their line up any longer.