2016 Toyota Avalon vs 2015 Toyota Avalon
2016 toyota avalon

2016 toyota avalon grill

2016 Toyota Avalon vs 2015 Toyota Camry
2016 toyota avalon vs camry

2016 Toyota Avalon vs 2015 Toyota Corolla
2016 toyota avalon vs corolla

One can easily conclude that the 2016 Toyota Avalon redesign is based on the automaker’s current design language that’s already in use on the Camry and Corolla. However, compared to the 2015 Avalon. which has been around since 2013, the redesigned front is really evolutionary. Toyota’s full-size sedan was one of the first to sport the over-sized lower grill before it became mainstream for the Japanese automaker. Designers had to get rid of the round fog lights to make room for a larger, inverted grill. Vertical LEDs in the corners are most likely the replacement of choice. The headlights appear to be bigger but retain the same shape. And a thinner line accents the emblem above the grill.

Toyota didn’t provide any other information aside from a dark image of the Avalon’s front. With the help of computer power a lighter image gives us a better look at the sedan. More information about Toyota’s flagship sedan will be revealed this week at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.