Volkswagen Routan – 2009-14
2012 volkswagen routan

Volkswagen Routan History

Volkswagen won’t be sticking a VW emblem on the next generation Chrysler Town and Country minivan and calling it a Routan. Although it may have seemed like the Routan died a few years ago Volkswagen is officially ending production of the minivan this year.  Relegated to fleet-only status for 2014 the Routan will go quietly into the night while reminiscing about all the fun it had with Brook Shields as she tried to sell German Engineering in a Chrysler shell. There’s no word on whether VW will be offering another minivan in North America but chances are slim considering the recent announcement of a new seven-seater SUV based on the CrossBlue concept.

With only five years in existence and no changes the Volkswagen Routan bids farewell as a One Hit Wonder that very few wondered about.