Month: September 2014

Chevrolet Camaro Hits Dealerships On This Day 48 Years Ago

On this date back in 1966 the first Chevrolet Camaro went on sale, declaring a muscle car war against the then two year old Ford Mustang. Although the first Camaro was sold 48 years ago, the pony car technically isn’t 48 years old. Production of the Camaro was halted in 2002 due to slow sales and a diminishing interest in sports coupes. After an eight year hiatus it was revived in 2010, and has already received a facelift. A redesigned Chevrolet Camaro is scheduled for 2016 to keep up with the new Ford Mustang. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro vs. 2015 Chevrolet...

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Did Chrysler Resurrect the PT Cruiser?

The BIG question of the day is, Did Chrysler resurrect the PT Cruiser in the form of the Fiat 500L? At least one person seems to think so. I can’t recall the forum I was on nor the exact topic but it had something to do with ugly cars on the road today. One comment included a photo of the Chrysler PT Cruiser with a caption that read, “But they don’t make them anymore”. A reply to that comment read, “Yes they do”, and had a photo of the Fiat 500L. Aside from the ugly factor the two cars have nothing in...

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Honda Officially Shows Off Facelifted 2015 CR-V

Honda is taking its time revealing the facelifted 2015 CR-V by only showing us one angle shot of the new crossover. Considering this is a mid-cycle refresh there may not be much of a change in the rear half of the car for Honda to show off the entire vehicle. Changes include a leaner grill with smaller, meaner-looking headlights. The shape of the bumper looks similar to the outgoing model but has rectangular fog lights instead of round ones. The new model will be available in October so more photos will likely appear in the next few weeks. Here’s the 2015...

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If Honda Fit and HR-V Had a Baby

Ever wonder what happens when two cars get mashed up? Master automotive manipulator, Theophilus Chin does, and easily turns those thoughts into renderings of cars we probably will never see. Theophilus combined the 2015 Honda Fit/Jazz with the new HR-V/Vezel to create a subcompact hatchback. If Honda ever built one it would sit between the Fit and Civic in its lineup. Or perhaps it could be dubbed a ‘rugged’ version of the Fit. Similar to how Subaru morphed the Impreza into a XV Crosstrek. Come to think of it, a subcompact off-roader would actually be interesting. More interesting than a useless compact crossover, but I digress. Here’s the mashup of the...

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Fiat 500X Steals Mini Cooper’s Rear End

There’s nothing more exciting to a car lover than viewing leaked images of a model that hasn’t been released yet. It’s like ‘accidentally’ ripping off a piece of wrapping paper to get a sneak peak at your Christmas present. You kind of know what it is but are happy to be getting it nonetheless. The worst is when you get tricked into thinking you got what you wanted only to open the box and be flooded with disappointment. Take the Fiat 500X for example. We all knew it was coming and had a general idea of what it will look...

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