When I see a new car, from the factory or modified, I don’t want it to remind me of any other car model that is already on the road. I simply wouldn’t buy it. I want the car I buy to be unique, to stand out without making me think of any other car model. Unfortunately, it seems like some brands come from the same factory, or perhaps from the same brainstorming room where designers from every car manufacturer come together to discuss the next design language. However it happens it occurs much too often.

After looking at the teaser image of the 2015 Ford Mustang Saleen 302 it appears that auto tuner Saleen may have been in the same room as the Chevrolet Camaro designers since the Saleen 302 front fascia bares a striking resemblance to its competitor. Hopefully the rest of the Saleen 302 will be unique enough that we can recognize it as a Ford Mustang and nothing else.