2016 Nissan Titan vs. 2015 Nissan Titan
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About the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan pickup has been stuck in the past with a design that is a decade old. And at first glance the front end of the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan can easily be mistaken for a 2011 Ford F-250, making us wonder if Nissan is has been sitting on this design for several years. Overall, the Titan fits in with Nissan’s design language, which includes asymmetric lines and a disregard for proportions. The huge front end makes the truck bed look like it was borrowed from the Frontier. In hindsight Nissan has been showing off the Titan’s front end for a few years on the NIssan NV Cargo van.

The 2016 Titan has grown considerably compared to the current model, making it look like it’s not afraid to play with the big boys. Although, the Titan prefers to be referred to as a warrior instead of a cowboy. In an interview with Car and Driver Diane Allen, Nissan America’s chief designer, said the Titan is more anatomical; The front end is based on a warrior mask, while the bulges in the wheels wells are a warrior’s biceps and leg muscles. The Titan is a fighter, and a workhorse, having more power and capabilities than the 2015 version. If its warrior stance isn’t convincing enough the new Cummings Diesel engine is sure to make the 2016 Titan a contender.