There’s nothing more exciting to a car lover than viewing leaked images of a model that hasn’t been released yet. It’s like ‘accidentally’ ripping off a piece of wrapping paper to get a sneak peak at your Christmas present. You kind of know what it is but are happy to be getting it nonetheless. The worst is when you get tricked into thinking you got what you wanted only to open the box and be flooded with disappointment.

Take the Fiat 500X for example. We all knew it was coming and had a general idea of what it will look like. The limited leaked images reveal a front end that screams Fiat, obviously. While a side profile shows a slimmer, more rugged Fiat that isn’t as bloated as the 500L, which is a great thing. And the rear end, well, it seems confused making, leaving you to wonder WTF is this? So many questions run through your head. Did Fiat lose a bet to Mini Cooper? Did Fiat have a one night stand with Mini? How could someone let this happen?

The new 500X is a vast improvement over the 500L in the looks department until you pull up behind it and all you can think about is a fat Mini Cooper.

Here’s the rear end of the Fiat 500X compared to that of 2014 Mini Cooper
fiat 500x leaked