2016 Chevrolet Volt vs. 2015 Dodge Dart
2016 chevrolet volt vs dodge dart

When the Chevrolet Volt debuted in 2011 it was a different type of car not just because it was one of the first fully electric cars but because was designed to look different from a regular car to make sure it stood out from crowded compact sedan market. After five years the Volt received a much-anticipated update. If there was an expectation that the design of the Volt would be as evolutionary as the powerplant it rides on than the new 2016 Volt falls short. The gas-hater now blends in within the compact car segment and several design areas resemble cars like Volvo S60, Honda Civic, and Dodge Dart (pictured above).  Whether or not this was Chevrolet’s plan the wow factor of the Volt is gone, and owners will not have to worry about finger and face prints on the windows and accidental scratches on the paint.