2015 Prius C vs. 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
2015 prius c vs fiesta st

2015 Prius C vs. 2014 Prius C
2015 prius c

Toyota’s Prius division didn’t want you to forget about them even though they don’t have anything new to show. So they slapped a new front bumper to each Prius V and Prius C, and displayed them at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show. Although, the over-sized grill on the 2015 Prius C resembles the front end of the sporty Ford Fiesta ST, which is at the opposite end of the subcompact spectrum. You can call it the ‘blacking out the middle bumper’ trick, which has been used for many years, by many automakers to make the front look more open and aggressive. Call it whatever, the Prius C channels the Fiesta with that minor tweak. Aside from the Fiesta-inspired front everything else in the Prius C remains relatively the same.